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Win business education at Harvard or get an MBA scholarship!


Apply to a two-day competition in solving business cases and prove to the international jury, that you are the best!


We invite all ambitious and career-centered individuals, young managers, entrepreneurs, to apply for a two-day international competition, called International Business Hackathon, held on 22th and 23th of January 2016 in ABC Hub, Ljubljana, Slovenia.


What is it about?



International Business Hackathon is an international business marathon, a competition of individuals, assorted into groups, in solving business cases. International Business Hackathon is powered by Business Intelligence Center and ABC Accelerator, in collaboration with international partners.
In general, hackathons are famous mostly as being IT hackathons, where groups of IT experts try to solve different cases or find different solutions in 48 hours. Did you know that Facebook Like button was created as a result of a hackathon? The International Business Hackathon goes one step further - its participants will be entrepreneurs, young managers and business individuals from the whole SEE region and they will solve business cases, assorted in international groups of 4-5 participants. Each group will include an IT expert, who will cooperate with the group and prepare the IT frame of their project.

The winning team will receive an MBA Entrepreneurship module at COTRUGLI Business School worth total 7.500 € and a cash prize of 2.000 €. Best performer (individual) receives a paid participation at Harvard Business Schools' HBX business education module.



Who can apply?


We invite all ambitious and career-centered individuals, young managers, entrepreneurs, to apply. In order to apply you have to meet the following requirements: at least 2 years of work experience and a Bachelor degree. Applicants can be young managers (junior, middle or top / senior management), as well as young entrepreneurs and business individuals. The participants can be representatives of any kind of industry or department (marketing, HR, Sales, PR, etc.). We welcome all career-centered and ambitious individuals! Depending on your career focus we will assort you into groups of international participants in a way that the group will be as diverse as possible. An MBA degree is not a requirement, on the contrary. Economic education is also not a requirement, we welcome individuals from different fields: law, finance, marketing, public relations, sales, pharmacy, different technical educations, etc.


Prizes - winning team and winning performer


The winners are entitled to the following:


 • Paid participation at Harvard Business Schools' HBX business education module for the best performer
MBA Entrepreneurship module at COTRUGLI Business School for the whole winning team, total worth 7.500€
• 2000€ Cash prize for best performing teams
Participation in global business networks
• One-year full membership at Business Intelligence Center for the whole team worth total 1500€
Participation in ABC accelerators' global network and a possibility to get into acceleration program with full support & VC search


Prizes - all participants of the competition


 • Take away gifts and gift bags
 • Gift vouchers

During the competition, lunch, coffee breaks, soft drinks and snacks will be covered by the organizers.


International jury and keynotes


The international jury will consist of experts from various countries: Business school representatives, regional CEO's and chairmen, VC-s, ABC accelerator CEO, BIC CEO and CEO's or respected representatives of main sponsors.



Participant selection process


A participant can apply for the hackathon as a candidate via online application form. After applying, the candidate will have a short online interview with an orga-team representative. The successful candidates will be selected as participants at hackathon based on their application form and interview. You will receive your confirmation over e-mail you provided in the application form.
A few days prior to the Hackathon contest, the participants will be organized into working groups by hackathon orga-team representatives, thus having an opportunity to get to know each other before the actual contest. At the same time, first business tasks will be given to groups, as a pre-hackathon test assignment.


25€ registration fee reimbursed!


Only for the sake of seriousness of your participation and careful organization of participants into international groups, there is a symbolic down payment of € 25 for taking part in the competition. You will get this fee reimbursed at the competition venue in a form of special vouchers.
Lunch for both days, Friday and Saturday, is covered by organizers, as well as all coffee breaks, snacks and soft drinks. All participants will also get take away gifts and vouchers.
Since the competition lasts for 2 days, the accommodation in Ljubljana is up to you. At the competition venue there will be special areas for rest (cozy corners, couches) so if the teams would like to work on their case during all night, that will be possible. But if you would like to come a day earlier or catch a good night sleep during the competition, contact if you need help with some accommodation information in Ljubljana.


INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS HACKATHON  - - Slovenia, Ljubljana, ABC HUB, 22. & 23. 1. 2016
 Agenda  Time  Content
Friday: First day of Business Hackathon 8.30 - 9.30 Registration & Coffee
  9.30 - 10.30 Introduction - organisers & jury speeches, press conference
  10.30 - 11.30 Orga team: Case study presentation - instructions, agenda, timeframe
  11.30 - 0.00 Teamwork
Saturday: Second day of Business Hackathon 0.00 - 8.30 Teamwork
  8.30 - 9.00 Breakfast and welcome speech
  9.00 - 17.00 Teamwork
  17.00 - 19.00 Jury assessment and preparations for presentation ceremony
  19.00 - 22.00 Presentations and winners announcement, award ceremony

*Organizers reserve the right to subsequent program changes on behalf of number of registered participants.