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Ljubljana, Slovenia, 4. February 2017 



Atlantic Grupa and BIC, Business Intelligence Center, invite all individuals full of ideas to solve business challenges in the form of a small business hackathon - Innovative Marketing Challenge!


Imagine the water, you can create on your own. We are not looking for a new flavour »orange-lemon«, but water that has a story, concept, awesome content, trendy design and most importantly - which is designed for consumers in 2027! Do you have ideas and the idea for out of the box business concept and for a completely new type of water?

Apply to the Innovative Marketing Challenge, which will be held on Saturday, 4. February 2017, convince the expert jury and win rich cash prizes and gift bag from Atlantic Grupa!


What is it about?

Innovative Marketing Challenge is a one-day business hackhaton, a competition of individuals assorted in groups of 4-5 participants, who will be solving business challenges.
The jury will select the best three teams that will be the best in solving business challenge and will propose the best solution. The winning teams will receive rich cash prizes and other great prizes!
Who can apply?
We invite all young ambitious career-oriented individuals, young managers, entrepreneurs and ambitious students that will soon obtain their degree in business, marketing or commercial sciences. In order to apply you have to be at least 20 years old.
Groups will be international, participants will also be from neighbouring countries.
The participant can be a representative of any kind of industry, economic sector or department.

We are searching for diversity!

ATTENTION: The number of applicants is limited to a maximum of 50 participants! After reaching this number the applications will be closed.





Every participant will receive attractive prizes: rich gift bags Atlantic Grupa and other awesome useful prizes!

Prizes for the best three groups are:



Winning team: €1,200 and rich gift bags

   2nd place: €800 and rich gift bags 

3rd place: €500 and rich gift bags

All meals: cofee breaks, lunch, refreshments, drinks and snacks will be provided throughout the whole competition. 

How to apply and what is the procedure?


 After receiving your online application via our online form, we will contact you to make a short admitting interview. Based on this, we will confirm you as a participant of the competition. A few days prior to the contest, the participants will be organized into working groups, thus having an opportunity to get to know each other before the actual contest. At the same time will be sent also guidelines of business challenges, which you will be solving at the contest.
Evaluation criteria for individuals and groups, as well as all business challenges and tasks will be presented by a jury at event, before the competition will start, in order that starting points for all competitors will be equal.
Innovative Marketing Challenge is free of charge. But since the the competition is international and requires detailed organization of groups, from all the candidates, after applying, is expected to attend the competition.
When it will start and finish?

The competition will take place on Saturday, 4. 2. 2017 in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and will last all day, from ca. 8:30 a.m. to ca. 9 p.m.
In case you are not from Ljubljana and you would like to come a day earlier and book an accommodation in Ljubljana, you can contact us for information on accommodation possibilities in Ljubljana.
The expert jury and guests

The jury of experts will consist of international experts, directors, consultants and directors of the partners and sponsors of the competition.

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